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We are one of the best flowers delivery services in all of the Irealnd. With us, you never have to worry about making that perfect setting for special occasions as we will take care of you and your needs anytime you call upon us. We are also available for weddings and birthdays.

When it comes to our reach its far and wide, but the most concentrated area of our stores is located in Dublin. Our home address for any mail is Unit 406, Greenogue Business Park, Dublin, Ireland and our phone is 1850 411 000. We are looking forward to helping you in any way from all our locations.


What is Your Taste

When it comes to the most popular flowers nothing can beat the classic rose. Roses are considered the best piece of flowers for every occasion and for every individual. You can gift it from love, friendship, and respect. It truly is the best and most popular flower.


Why are whe the Best

Simply put we are the best and there are several reasons behind that fact. We charge only a fraction of the price for the service we provide. Our quality of service never goes down only our prices!

  • 90% PRICES 90%
  • 100% QUALITY 100%
  • 95% SERVICE 95%

Orville Saunders

These guys have amazing service. I had no idea what I wanted to do for the wake of my late grandmother and they took care of everything. The flowers they picked were amazing and it did not cost me thousands as I initially thought it would. Recommended service!

Ron Wheeler

My wife hired these guys to help us with the wedding decorations. They did an amazing job! Once they started talking with her they transformed what she had imagined into reality. We loved all our wedding photos just because their flowers made everything come alive.

Camille Andrews

If you want quality service for any situation when it comes to flower decorations or a unique bouquet that these guys should be the number you call. They provide a solid service for a very cheap price and they do it consistently during the whole year. Highly recommended.


Flower decorations for your wedding

Any decoration you wish to be custom made for your wedding we can do it without any issues. Just give us a call and explain what you had in mind.

Birthday flower arrangements

When it’s somebody’s birthday, and you don’t have time to congratulate them with special gifts, it’s smart to give them special flowers. The gesture is lovely and timeless, so you will always be fondly remembered by the receiver.

Special occasion flower orders

Depending on the event we can accommodate any requests that can happen out of the blue. If you need flowers setup in an individual setting we can provide advice and the material for your special occasions everywhere.

Flower delivery across the country

We can deliver flowers wherever you need them to be at a reasonable price. When it comes to freshly delivered flowers, nobody does it better than us.


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